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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Smartphones galore!



What an array of smartphones! I bought the PDA2K a few weeks earlier. My cousin Kashif bought a Jam a few days ago, and my friend Qazi Ahmed bought a Nokia 9500 a couple of days ago. All of the phones are amazing. The PDA2K has a boatload of features. Nothing can compare to the Jam in size and looks. And Nokia 9500 has the stability that comes with Symbian, as well as the best screen of the lot.
We gathered last night to take a few pics. The lighting wasn't too good, so we've deferred taking more pictures to another day. I hope to be back with a comparative review of all three phones. Stay tuned!


  • It'll be great if you have the chance to use all three devices. I'd be interested in seeing what your thoughts are concerning the slideout keyboard and MS OS, of the iMates, on the one hand, and the hulking size of the 9500, on the other. Can those MS powered devices really compare to Series 60?, etc. Looking forward to hearing more.

    By Blogger Doug Thacker, at 12:19 AM  

  • I envey?

    By Blogger Shirazi, at 10:08 AM  

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