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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Me and my EEE

My fascination with small gadgets that pack a punch began with the Nokia 6600. That was the time I realized that it was technologically possible to package immense functionality into a tiny package. From the Nokia 6600, I switched to the iMate PDA2k, in search of a solution that would fulfill my needs. However, even the Windows Mobile path fell short of what I was looking for, and I gradually realized that I needed a complete computer, not a stripped down OS, but in a much smaller form factor. I realized this need of mine long before I had heard of Microsoft’s Origami project. When Origami was announced, I looked on with interest. I drooled on the TabletKiosk Eos’ and a hands on with the Samsung Q1 left me hankering for some UMPC action. The only thing stopping me was the price, which was more than US$ 1000 for any such device.

The second generation of UMPCss’ held much more allure for me, because I prefer a real keyboard to inking (never having had too much experience on it). The real gem to come out of the UMPC bandwagon was the Fujitsu U810 (U1010) and I made up my mind to buy it, and so began saving up.

During a vacation to Malaysia in November 2007, I came upon a shop in Kuala Lumpur (MTCS in The Pavilion, Bukit Bintang) where the sales rep showed me the U810. It was the first time I had handled the machine, and I was impressed. I spent almost half an hour fondling it. The rep told me that it was for US$ 1200, and that he had another small machine from Asus that was cheaper. I thought it was the R2H, but when he showed it to me, I immediately realized it was the EEE.

Until that time, I had not much been interested in the EEE. My logic was thus: ultraportables cost more than US$ 1000 for a reason. The reason is that smaller parts cost more, and to have a good ultraportable, you need to spend more money. How can something cost US$ 400 and still be considered worthwhile. Surely there was some fatal flaw or some hidden disadvantage which I would discover later on. However, the salesman was convincing enough that I was left thinking. He told me to think over whether I wanted to buy the U810 or the EEE and come back tomorrow.

That night, after my wife went to sleep early, I went out with my 15 inch Fujitsu Siemens V3405 laptop to search for an open wifi connection to do some research on the EEE. I read the initial reviews, and surmised that it wasn’t such a bad deal for US$ 400. After a couple of hours of googling, I had made up my mind. The EEE would be mine.

Next day I arrived at the store, but there was no EEE to be found! They had all been sold out yesterday, and the next shipment was expected in a couple of weeks. I raised a hue and cry, and finally they managed to get one from their warehouse.

Little did I know, this would be the start of a love affair,


  • Cool! Whats happening these days, are you still at the same company?

    By Blogger Ashraf, at 7:09 PM  

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