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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Back on track!

Been absent for quite some time, as my buddy Farrukh pointed out to me on my scrapbook. The reason was that my laptop got fried! I had a Sony Vaio S270B issued from the office, and that was a killer machine! However, just 4 months after I got it, the hard disk crashed. I sent it back to Dubai and the hard disk was changed. Another 4 months later, the processor burned. The guy at the service center told me that this is a very common problem in Vaios in Karachi, because they have teeny weeny vents which get clogged in the dusty atmosphere of Karachi. If you don't use a blower to clear out the air vents, they end up getting clogged with dirt, and eventually bake your processor, which is what happened to me! I guess I have to be careful with my future machines from now on.

The newly issued laptop I have is amazing specs wise, however it is a little plain to look at, compared to my spanky Sony Vaio. Here's a little comparison of both machines:

Sony Vaio S270B vs. HP Compaq nc6120
1.6 GHz Pentium M vs. 1.9 GHz Pentium M
256 MB RAM vs. 512 MB RAM (that's enough for me as I NEVER play games on my PCs')
40 GB HDD vs. 80 GB HDD (lots of storage! I like!)
DVD ROM / CD-RW combo vs. DVD+-RW (Yeah! Finally I can make backups of my data!)
16:10 aspect ratio vs. 4:3 aspect ratio (Too bad, widescreen has sort of grown on me and I like it now)
3 pounds vs. 6 pounds (Whoa! This new machine weighs twice as much as my old one!)

Let's hope this one lasts me at least a year!

Although, I don't plan on using this machine as much as I used the last one. You'll see why on my next post.


  • Same exact problem with the IBM ThinkPad T series laptops. Dust clogs up the fan. It took me two service repairs to figure it out =/

    By Blogger akds, at 5:53 AM  

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