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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

My hatred for the iPod just ended!

As anyone who knows me is aware, I have always hated iPods. I saw the first generation iPod on a trip to Dubai, and was intrigued by it. However, later I found out that Apple was getting away charging humongous amounts of money for essentially an MP3 player with less features than the competition. From that time on, I looked upon the iPod with disdain. However, I was intrigued during the 2007 keynote, when Steve J. announced the iPhone. It looked pretty intriguing, however the marketing spin on the web browsing made me dislike it. I never believed that Apple would be able to fit an amazing and usable browser into a music device, something which I have not seen done even on PocketPCs and smartphones.

All that changed when I bought the iPod Touch (as an anniversary gift for my wife). I have to mince my words. The device is futuristic. I have been handling the device for more than 2 days, yet every time I hold it, it seems as though I am a part of a science fiction movie. This iPod is nothing short of sci-fi stuff. And the web browsing is every bit as amazing as advertised, and is so good that I could never have imagined that it is possible to have such a good internet experience on such a small and sexy device. I will post up detailed notes on the browsing, but let me end this post by saying that this is the first iPod I have fell in love with.


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