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Friday, December 10, 2004


Speaking of dream cars... I finally found the Lamborghini showroom in Dubai this time I went. It's near Deira City center. Got a chance to take a few pics. Here's the best one: it's a Lamborghini Murcielago in the front (red), and a Gallardo at the back (yellow). I've liked almost all Lamborghinis I've ever seen (too bad I've only seen them in Dubai and Saudi Arabia; No Lambos in Karachi yet!). Murcielagos, Gallardos, Countaches and Diablos... Bring 'em on!



  • nice cars khurram, i prefer the gallardo since its a little bit more affordable. I came across your site because i also happen to go by the mane of Khurram. I was born in Karachi but live in New Jersey. If you want to talk, you can e-mail me at

    By Anonymous Khurram Shah, at 1:23 AM  

  • how much money would u say the red one costs???

    By Anonymous lady, at 6:27 AM  

  • I just love the Gallardo!
    It's my 'dream car'!!

    by the way, please check out my blog at:


    By Blogger abhas1, at 8:12 PM  

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