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Monday, October 04, 2004

Karachi and Series 60 :)

Cellphones have become very common over here in Karachi since Ufone started their operations about 2 years back. Since then lots of people have cellphones, and the majority of them are Nokia and Samsung. I've seen most of the people over here going towards Samsung, due to good polyphonic support, excellent screens and sleek designs. Sadly, this is all Samsung has to offer. I went for a Siemens M55 due to its feature set, but when I visited Dubai in December 2003, I was surprised to see everyone carrying a Nokia 6600. I wondered what was so special about this phone. I mean there are phones half the size and half the weight, yet this phone was still popular. When I came to Karachi, I started researching about what was so special about it. I accidentally stumbled onto Russell Beattie's "What's on my Nokia 6600" post, and I was instantly hooked. That's when it dawned upon me: The Nokia 6600 isn't an overly large cellphone; it's actually a very small computer with cellphone capabilities! When I realised this, I shamelessly started discussing it with my techie friends. I got a lot of converts. People who would never have considered buying a cellphone worth more than Rs.8k-9k ($150US) were saying that for Rs.24k ($400US, that's the price it was when I bought it in March 2004), it was worth it! I have noticed that there's a trend growing in Karachi where people are becoming more aware of the power of smartphones, and embracing Series60/Symbian. I like to think that I have introduced a lot of people in my city to this concept. I hope to find like minded people who enjoy playing with this cellphone as much as I do.


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